Game Reviews Introduction

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Each of the game reviews are given a maximum of 1 week of time to play, evaluate, and replay to determine an appropriate scoring of each category.

Reviews are comprised of a harsh 6 point scale system, starting at a 0 (horrible) and upto 100 (amazing) rating for each category, and an overall score ranging from 0 (horrible) to 10 (amazing) for all categories.

The categories of reviews below are subject to change as new games are released and additional scopes are needed to appropriately score the title.

  • Graphics
    • Visual Appeal – model and texture quality
    • Animations – quality of models in action
    • Effects – quality of sprites, particles, and shaders
    • Customization – amount of features that can be toggled
    • Compatibility – ability to play on low or high end systems as well as different platforms
    • Optimization – amount of cpu and gpu resources required and consumed
    • Uniqueness – amount of difference from same genre titles
  • Audio
    • Immersion – amount of involvement it provides
    • Quality – appropriateness and refinement
    • Customization – amount of features that can be toggled
    • Uniqueness – amount of difference from same genre titles
  • Networking (when applicable)
    • Latency – delay of actions received by server
    • Reactiveness – delay of actions received by others
    • Compensation – delay of actions received by self
    • Downtime – amount of time servers are down for maintenance
  • Controls
    • Intuitiveness – ease of learning
    • Customization – how much you can customize the controls to your preference
    • Fluidity – how well controls roll from one point to the next
    • Uniqueness – amount of difference from same genre titles
  • Content
    • Story Arch – amount of main and sub story line involvement
    • Filler – unrelated side stories involvement from main story arch
    • Updates – frequency of new content additions
    • Depth – length and quality of the story lines
    • Interaction – amount of involvement between NPCs and other players
    • AI – intelligence of the NPCs
    • Uniqueness – amount of difference from same genre titles
  • Playability
    • Learning Curve – amount of time need to familiarize with functionality
    • Difficulty – amount of skill required to be successful
    • Replayability – amount desirability to play again
    • Immersion – amount of involvement it provides
    • Community – amount of support from players, web and manufacturer
    • Issues – amount of unintended functionality experienced
    • Cost – amount of money required to play or be competitive (Buy to Play, Pay to Play, Free to Play, Pay to Win, or Pay to Fashion)

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